Every single day, humanity creates a deluge of data. Recent research reveals we collectively save documents, compile statistics, update statuses, send tweets, upload photos and record sounds to the tune of 2.5 exabytes per day. Not quite sure how to picture an Exabyte? Think of a billion gigabytes. If that’s still hard to comprehend, think of it like this: each day we generate the same amount of data as 50% of all words ever spoken by mankind.

That’s a lot of information… and trawling through it all to begin gathering insights would require some of the most powerful machines in the world. Even on the much smaller scale of an individual company, it’s likely your colleagues still create and collect huge swathes of information over the course of time. While it’s now easier than ever to collect this data – from customer tastes to real time sports statistics – actually interrogating that information and making sense of it remains a huge challenge for today’s businesses. And, besides the difficulty of learning how to read that information, you also have to make choices about how to store it all (and where).

So, how can you conquer all this wild and disorganised digital information, store it in a manageable way and begin to draw key insights from it? Coeo, a key member of Consortium, will be addressing these key issues at the upcoming Consortium event, Realising Digital Transformation with Microsoft Technology, on 13 September. Make sure you book your place to the event now to hear from Coeo – and all the other members of Consortium – and learn how you can capitalise on the opportunities of digital transformation.



Consortium is a new partnership between five leading UK technology companies. Each member brings deep knowledge of specific areas of enterprise technology to the collective, so as to provide you with a central place to access help and support for all your IT needs. Coeo brings the UK’s best Data Platform and Business Intelligence consultants, experts and MVPs to Consortium, meaning that, together, we can provide you with well-rounded IT services for the 21st century.

James Boother, Sales and Marketing Director at Coeo, says of the new partnership:

“In many ways Consortium is an extension of relationships we have had before with other members [of the partnership]. We have worked closely on a number of projects with other partners in the past, but Consortium represents a more formal agreement for us. It will lead to better knowledge transfer and information sharing, and will provide our customers with more holistic solutions for their IT needs. Most importantly, it means that when we work together, our customers can feel confident of the quality of every partner”.

So, what exactly does Coeo bring to Consortium?

Managing, treating, storing and understanding data is more important today than ever. As a result, no business can afford to leave their database behind when planning an IT solution.  By providing close to 20 years of experience in data storage and analysis, Coeo rounds out the entire Consortium offering. Let’s look in more detail at their areas of expertise:

  • Industry focused Business Intelligence (BI)

Coeo has created customised solutions and provided training, consultancy and expertise to countless businesses in a range of industries. For instance, at online clothing retail giant Boden, Coeo implemented a BI platform and helped train and support the brand’s BI team to provide customers with more personalised experiences and give the firm better insights into how shoppers behave.

  • Bringing BI into existing tools

For technology companies that already have existing tools, but want to gain better insights into how these are being used, Coeo helps crate data visualisations that provide the right information for everyone, from the end user to a product owner. In turn, this helps them improve the product using this collected information.

  • Supporting high speed data with SQL Server

Data is only as valuable as the speed at which it can be processed. Coeo is able to provide companies with the most powerful – and most effectively configured – on-premise, hybrid or cloud environment, so they can store and manage data at optimal levels. For instance, in a recent project with an in-game betting company, Coeo implemented a SQL Server solution that was able to process a huge number of interactions at extremely high speeds – crucial when making bets on live-action sports.

Realise digital transformation

The approach you take to your organisation’s digital transformation will have long-term impact for years to come. Those companies that take a strategic and holistic approach will reap the rewards long into the future. With data an ever more significant part of the way that companies support customers and draw key insights, incorporating a bespoke BI solution, supported by high performance servers into your digital transformation strategy will be essential for success. By combining Coeo’s deep expertise of data treatment and management with the digital transformation capabilities of Consortium as a whole, you will be best prepared for the digital future best task manager.

Coeo will be delving into these topics in greater detail on 13th September at the Consortium event. Coeo will be running engaging sessions on:

  • How advanced analytics helps create digital businesses
  • How to design and benefit from cloud data platforms
  • And a session with Coeo’s Microsoft MVP and Director, Justin Langford – Faster out the box: how SQL Server 2016 can change your game

To see first-hand how Coeo and Consortium can drive your digital transformation, make sure you sign up for Consortium’s event on 13 September today.