Consortium – a new approach to IT deployment, or “the supermarket vs. the high street grocer”

Where would you go to buy an unusual French cheese? This might sound like a curious question to announce the arrival of a major new IT provider, but there are certain similarities between sourcing high quality ingredients and investing in next generation digital tools.

Since the emergence of enterprise IT – think email, document management and communications tools – businesses who want to take advantage of these tools have been forced into one of two options. Either they ask for help from a huge, international tech consultancy (which has broad but shallow knowledge of pretty much all enterprise software) or they visit a series of small, boutique agencies which deliver deep expertise on one product, but can’t offer them much else.

This is a little like shopping for an unusual French cheese. Imagine you were having people round for dinner and wanted to top your meal off with an interesting cheese board. You might decide to go to your closest out-of-town supermarket; the kind of huge warehouse-like space which sells an enormous range of products. However, despite the fact you can get anything from a carrot to a chapatti to a pushchair – the place is a jack of all trades, master of none – you can’t find that rare cheese you’re looking for.

Your other option, then, is to visit a cheese monger’s which specialises in unique and unusual produce. And, guess what? You find that great cheese you were looking for. However, you now reach your next obstacle – you need some bread. And you also forgot your dessert. And you can be sure the cheese shop won’t sell you any meat or veg. So, what do you do? Rush around from one place to another, or cut your losses and get lower quality products from the major supermarket?

Well, what if there was an alternative? Something like the haberdashery of a major department store, or Whole Foods style organic shop which sells a good range of products and of exclusively high quality? Consortium represents this happy medium; offering you a third way.

We combine expertise with breadth

Consortium represents the coming together of five major UK Microsoft enterprise IT partners:

• Content and Code
• Modality Systems
• Coeo
• Inframon
• Program Framework

Each member of Consortium has a high degree of expertise in specific enterprise IT areas – ranging from SQL Server to Office 365 and Microsoft Project. In many cases, we’ve worked with one another before when our clients needed a mix of products. However, as Consortium, we are able to provide a far more cost-effective and seamless approach to our clients’ technology strategies. By sharing information and people, and by building a unified solution together, you get all the benefits of a broad technology consultant, with the depth of a boutique agency.

All the members of Consortium share the same customer-centric values and approach to creating value. We focus on understanding your specific needs, how your organisation works and what your challenges and goals are, before combining the skills of some (or all) of the Consortium’s members. Let’s imagine this in practice:

You are an organisation that is growing internationally and needs to upgrade its IT to support this. Consortium will spend time working with you, listening to you describe how the business works and what you hope to achieve. We then combine our different expertise to create a solution that matches your requirements exactly. For instance:

• Content and Code helps you migrate to the cloud so documents can be stored and accessed centrally from anywhere.
• Modality Systems provides the expertise to implement Skype for Business so your international colleagues can communicate without a hitch.
• Inframon takes on your enterprise mobility needs, ensuring your mobile sales people are able to securely access datasets.
• Coeo informs and inspires your employees to get the most out of your data, using tools like PowerBI for powerful analytics and helping you make the best data management decisions as your company grows..
• Program Framework helps you manage your international projects seamlessly with Project Online, which is tied into the cloud environment that Content and Code helped you set up.

Our methodology is, of course, flexible and depends entirely on your organisation and its specific needs. This flexibility allows us to have the rapid reactions and dynamism of a boutique agency, while also giving you the scope of products and services of a large multinational consultant.

Ready for digital transformation?

Enterprise IT has advanced rapidly in recent years, and offers businesses an almost unlimited range of options for growing revenue and cutting costs. Consortium’s members have long, deep and integrated knowledge of the full range of Microsoft enterprise products and services and we are positioned to help you make the most of these opportunities. To find out more about Consortium, or to explore what we can do for you, contact us today.