The Consortium event, Realising Digital Transformation with Microsoft technology, is coming on the 13th September – a chance for you to learn about the benefits and methods of digitising your company. We recently reviewed what attendees can expect from the event with a brief overview of each company’s areas of expertise. Today, we’ll be taking a deeper look into the first of the five Consortium members – Inframon – and further details regarding their track sessions.



Now 11 years strong, Inframon was founded from an infrastructure perspective and bases its principles around recruiting great people and maintaining a strong technical and business focus. Specialising in Microsoft cloud transformation, Inframon prides itself on the expert knowledge and skills of workers across the range of Microsoft hybrid based services including System Center 2016, Operations Management Suite, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Windows Server and Azure. As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform and Enterprise Mobility, Inframon have a proven track record of helping customers leverage hybrid cloud-based services and applications to assist companies in transforming and modernising their operations and processes.

Inframon has fast gained its reputation as the best in systems set-up from a deep understanding of how to master the latest Microsoft innovations. More and more people are beginning to understand what the cloud can offer; they want their company to make that transition but acknowledge that it is no small feat. It’s a completely new world with different sets of complexities, some of which are likely to be alien to the company. Partnering with an expert, therefore, can help them overcome hurdles and manage these processes. Inframon does exactly that – creating governance and control frameworks to manage and support the whole cloud journey, wrapping strategy and consultancy around the service together with valued professionalism and expertise.

Realising Digital Transformation with Microsoft technology is set to explore how Microsoft technologies – from Office 365 to Azure – can act as catalysts for helping your business realise the benefits of digital working. In terms of Inframon, they will be delving into migration, mobility, management and security best practices with the latest Microsoft tech. The following are the three expert-led Inframon sessions hosted over the course of the day.

Windows 10 in a Cloud World

Why is now the right time to move to Windows 10? The answer is simple: in a Cloud world, security and identity management are essential, and Windows 10 brings a raft of new security features that make it the most secure platform to use for enabling your users.

In this session, learn about all the new Windows 10 Enterprise security features (as well as anniversary updates) and discuss how to manage them effectively. You’ll also be introduced to the Inframon Fixed Price Windows 10 Migration methodology – assisting users in the move to Windows 10 with little-to-no downtime.

Enterprise Mobility & Security

After the re-naming of Enterprise Mobility Suite to Enterprise Mobility & Security, the introduction and inclusion of a number of new security products, a new Enterprise E5 offering and the retirement of Azure RemoteApp, keeping your mobile workforce secure has become a considerably different challenge.

In this session, Inframon will cover all of the options that are now available to you when utilizing Microsoft technologies for your mobile workforce strategy.

Cloud Transformation – Migrating to, managing & securing Azure

With tens of thousands of virtual machines (VMs) successfully migrated to Azure under management by Inframon, the cloud transformation specialists are best placed to guide, support and manage your transformation to a cloud computing model.

Gordon McKenna – CTO of Inframon and Hybrid Cloud & Datacenter MVP for over a decade – will share his knowledge, learnings and experience collected along the way. Offering a wealth of best practice advice on the migrating, managing and securing process within Azure Visit Website.

For a comprehensive look at all sessions running throughout the day, you can see the full agenda here:



Controlling the storm

To meet the increase in customers and subsequent increase in complexities, Inframon has designed and developed the HyperCloud Platform to offer a technology that provides a highly automated and orchestrated control and governance framework. The HyperCloud platform can deliver self-service capability while maintaining control over all your cloud-based assets.

Inframon forge close relationships with their customers to help them with every step of the technology lifecycle – from vision and strategy, hardware, software and licensing, consulting through to support and managed services. Inframon prides itself on its ability to work with large enterprise organisations as well as SMEs to take them on their cloud transformation journey.

 “At Inframon, we believe the strongest steel is forged in the hottest fire. We challenge our customers and ourselves to push beyond the comfort zone and use innovative technology to be faster, smarter and more agile. Technical excellence is the cornerstone of everything we do. Our results speak for themselves and we are a team of trusted individuals working together to get the job done. We are passionate about the art of the possible and for building a better tomorrow four our customers, staff and business.”

To see first-hand how Inframon and Consortium can help drive your move to the cloud, make sure you sign up for the Consortium’s event on 13/09/16 – there are limited spaces available and you won’t want to miss out!