There is no question as to the importance of communications and the collaborative interactions we have on a day-to-day basis with colleagues, partners and customers. Quite frankly, they are at the heart of what makes business work. But in a fast moving world where business is increasingly global and mobile, the expectation is to do more, with less and in half the time. The challenge for organisations is how to facilitate the process of communications among their people to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Various <a href="http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j hop over to this website.1460-2466.1972.tb00141.x/abstract”>observational studies have found that we spend anywhere between 50% and 80% of our work days communicating. Answering questions, discussing problems, planning projects and inputting at meetings; face-to-face, by email, on the phone or mobile, video or other short messaging applications. Easy, intuitive, seamless and natural communication is essential to the smooth flow of business and ‘getting things done’ which is what most of us can class as being ‘productive’.

Microsoft Communications Partner of the Year 2016

Modality Systems, has been designing and implementing personalised Microsoft communications solutions for organisations around the world since its inception in 2007. As the largest dedicated Microsoft Skype for Business practice in the world with the biggest concentration of Skype for Business Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP), its credentials are unquestionable in being able to advise and help businesses optimise the potential of the Microsoft communications platform.

At Consortium’s 13th September event – Realising Digital Transformation with Microsoft Technology – Modality Systems will provide an insightful and educational look at how you can successfully integrate Skype for Business within your business to revolutionise your company’s capacity for communication. In addition, Modality will also demonstrate some practical ways you can personalise and extend the value of your Skype for Business investment through software and applications.



The value of Consortium

For Modality Systems, the focus is always on the customer, and a major benefit of being part of Consortium is the value it will bring all the members’ customers. The increasing potential offered by Microsoft cloud services and the pace of developments is massive, and consequently being able to understand how best to utilise and consume the technology can be a challenge.  Modality has always prided itself on being able to provide an unrivalled depth of expertise in Communications, but as the technologies become more integrated and connected it is essential to be able to provide the same depth of knowledge for customers across a broad spectrum of technologies.

While they have worked on multiple projects with other members of Consortium in the past, making this partnership official ensures a more seamless experience for you, and the extra guarantee and confidence that you are dealing with leading experts who can help your business capitalise on the benefits of digital transformation.

Achieving digital transformation

If you’re ready to move your business towards a mobile, cloud-first and digital-capable workplace, then flexible, cloud-based communications will be essential to your strategy. Modality Systems’ experts (including Microsoft Most Valued Professional and principal solution architect, Tom Arbuthnot) will be providing essential tips on how to get the most out of Skype for Business as you digitise your business.

Session 1: Understanding the move to cloud communications with Skype for Business. 11:15—12:15

In this session, Modality Systems will provide essential guidance on the groundwork you need to lay when preparing for a move to the cloud. You’ll learn about the plans to put in place, the issues you should watch out for and best practice for a smooth implementation.

Session 2: Extending the value: add-on software and applications for Skype for Business. 14:30—15:30

Now you have the basics for a Skype for Business implementation, how can you tailor it to your specific needs? This session will explore how Modality Systems’ customised add-ins for Skype for Business, such as TrainMe – which delivers training material direct to users depending on their Skype for Business presence – allow you to develop a bespoke platform fitted to the way your company works.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the opportunity of digital transformation, sign up to our digital transformation event today, and get access to insider information that will help transform your business for the digital era. We’ll see you there.