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At the Consortium, we aim to distinguish true digital transformation from the ‘digital veneer’ – the act of wrapping old and tired business practices in the cloak of digital technologies. Think remodelling company websites, adopting social media, or creating a mobile app ‘for the sake of it’ – just like veneer, these practices can be done quickly and at small expense, and may help you feel like you’re digitally transforming. But upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this digital sheen is merely for decoration, and over time will wear thin.

The Consortium partners are here to help you both understand what makes a true digital workplace, and begin implementing practices to help your company transition. To do so, we are hosting an all-day event on 13th September – Realising Digital Transformation with Microsoft Technologies – with all members of the Consortium planning to detail digital transformation from all angles. In the run-up to the event, this blog series will explore each of the Consortium members: their area of expertise and how they can help in your digital transformation. Be sure to check out the Consortium blog to see which members we’ve covered so far.

This week, we’re moving onto our project and portfolio management (PPM) experts, Program Framework.


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Program Framework is a specialist PPM consultancy and Microsoft Gold Partner who offer a mix of consultancy and technology services that cover project management, portfolio management and transformational change. Using Microsoft technologies such as Project Online, Project Server, Office 365 and SharePoint, they assist workers in maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of their projects. Alongside the capabilities these technologies offer, Program Framework has developed their Strategic Delivery Framework – providing organisations with a pragmatic yet comprehensive approach to turning strategic ambition into reality through:

  • A structured framework addressing the 6 key capabilities required to successfully realise transformational change
  • Enabling organisations to define strategic ambition and put in place the steps to turn ambition into reality
  • Creating a roadmap that allows an organisation to improve strategic effectiveness and competitive advantage

Challenge vs. opportunity

Increasingly, professionals are facing a mountain of projects – be it through their digital transformation programmes or other change initiatives. They are struggling to stay in control; investing significant time in chasing people for information and maintaining a level of visibility. As such, they are keen to implement standard working practices in project delivery and are searching for ways to making it less of a burden – but are somewhat reluctant to undertake a major PPM solution rollout with vast complexity and change risk.

For attendees of Realising Digital Transformation with Microsoft Technologies, Program Framework want to make everyone rolling out Microsoft’s Office 365 aware that the Project Online service is at their disposal. A tool capable of storing all project information in a central location and supporting planning and collaboration, it offers the opportunity to deploy a project governance solution quickly and effectively.

So, how you can use Project Online & Office 365 to get a portfolio reporting and governance solution up and running in next to no time? One of Program Framework’s expert-led sessions – Ensuring successful programme delivery with Project Online, hosted by Director Gero Renker – will answer that in four segments:

  • Identifying your current situation. Realise your current company problems that you want to fix, and any problems that may occur through the transformation process.
  • Understanding how Office 365 can help you. Explore and appreciate the capabilities of Project Online, how they can benefit your company and how they tie in with Office 365.
  • Learn how you can deploy Project Online. And how a dedicated partner can assist you along the way.
  • Dive into the details. Discover the intricacies and technical aspect of Project Online, taking a deeper look into how it can help you and your business.

Microsoft’s Project Online is a tangible solution aimed at bringing project and portfolio management capabilities to everyone. The trick is; in making itself a more approachable tool, it doesn’t sacrifice on aptitude. A more lightweight solution may have its limitations (such as a lack of sophisticated resource management), whereas a more industrial option requires an often lengthy and complex deployment process. Project Online provides accurate visibility of all your current projects, and can be rolled out quickly.

PPM prevalence

From healthcare organisations in the public sector to engineering consultancy firms, Program Framework help all their customers better understand their business requirements. As well as educating on the capabilities of Project Online, they are also hosting a session on Realising Organisational Change through Digital Transformation.

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